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In today's day and age of Law Enforcement, officers are finding out that training is a continuous process just to keep up with changing laws and technological advancements in Law Enforcement. Gone are the days where a cop has to walk a beat, wield a night stick and criminals feared them. Today, some criminals actually go out looking to get into a gunfight with a cop, or to get into a pursuit. Today's Law Enforcement Officers need to keep training to hone their skills, whether it be in Defensive Tactics, Pursuit Driving, Self Defense, Combat Firearms, Evidence Collection/Preservation and Report Writing.

LEOSS highly encourages all Law Enforcement Officers to take all their training seriously and to train hard and often...no matter what the subject matter.  "Train like you work, and work like you train."  

Keith Campbell: "When you get into a deadly force situation, you will NOT rise to the occasion, you will fall to your level of competency."

When the $h!t hits the fan, you will revert to your training. Train like your life depends on it...BECAUSE IT DOES!!!!

LEOSS recommends the following agencies for your training needs:


International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA)
Commence Firearms Training Academy
North Coast Polytechnic Institute
Training Logistics LLC
Street Survival / Calibre Press
Tenable Protective Services
Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy


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